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They sent a person to do an actual estimate, I think that’s a huge plus. In addition, they are flat rate company meaning if they quote you $500, it will be $500.
On moving day they called about 35 minutes before, just as they said they would. My move had many plastic bins (totes) and they were able to move them very quickly. We had office desks and chairs along with a bed room set. We also had a glass dining room table and a living room with couch and two chairs; all were moved (almost everything was wrapped) without incident.
I also had a small collection of odd shaped items and some large wall art, they too were moved safe and sound.
I did have to pay a premium for our move to location because it is on the second floor but that was fine with me and clearly explained during the estimate.
The “guys” were all friendly and very open to my questioning and coordinating during the move.
I expected the move to go fairly quick due to the large number of (stackable) bins and only two or three cardboard boxes, but they exceed even my expectations.
Pat, Ben & Brandon

I used your moving service on the 1st of June to move me to Gainesville. I want to let you know it was a very pleasant and professional experience. This started with you coming to my home and explaining everything that your company will do and then culminating with my move by your excellent movers. I will recommend your company at anytime. I also want to suggest an opportunity to reach more customers like me and a strong elderly population base here in Gainesville. I remember you saying you do a lot of assistant living moves. Did you know Gainesville is rated 25th in the country in places to retire. I work for Gainesville Today Magazine and we reach this demographic on a monthly basis. I’m attaching a media kit and a flier on our August issue for your review. Please take a look and respond back with any interest or questions.
Andy Caldwell

We are looking forward to working with you. Thank you so Much!! We’re working on the inventory list. How detailed do you want it? Would sizes of the bookcases and other furniture be of more help? Again, if we need to pay more than you quoted, please let us know, even if its after the move. you have high recommendations as a company to work with and we trust that you will be fair.
Laura Seifert

You moved me into 3rd floor apt Estates at heathbrook behind Dillards 1 – 1/2 yrs ago and then moved 60 boxes from storage in orlando the day your truck died on the interstate. Gave you a super duper A+ review on AngiesList. You and your staff were excellent.

I am highly appreciative of the service rendered by Patrick and Lloyd on May 17, 2013. They were courteous, diligent and very business like; employees like that are hard to find, you should treasure them. Please accept my compliments and thanks for great service.
Claudette D’Aguilar

My name is Louise Waters and you have currently helped several people that I know including my own parents. I am in the health care field and have people that are always moving from home to alf’s or the kids come down from up north to see that mom and dad have stuff that needs to be moved out. I would like to leave some cards and flyers with you as well would like to get some brochures or cards from your company to put in our assessment pack we give our clients. If this would be ok I could stop by and pick them up and drop off ours. My company name is visiting angels and we work with Timber Ridge Nursing, Oak run and OTOW clients daily. We even go all the way out to the Villages…. So I am just throwing an idea your way your way and would love to help anyway we can to make a difference in Ocala and assisting the Older Generation together…. Thanks for your time. My coworker is Deborah. you can speak with her if I am not here.
Louise Waters “Lou”