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Where to start when you’re planning your move…..

AFFORDABLE MOVING USA encourages you to start your search now for the professional Moving Company that is right for you!
-It’s customary to obtain a minimum of 3 Estimates from licensed & Insured Companies. Meeting with a representative in person makes a superior impact on your decision for the professional that is best suited for your individual needs!
-Often times clients delay scheduling their estimate due to fear of changing or unknown closing dates.
AFFORDABLE MOVING USA suggests to schedule your complimentary in home estimate in advance to your purchase and or sale – our company provides priority scheduling for our clients with a previous in home estimate. Despite changes in schedule and or closing, we work with you , our client ,to make moving day as stress free as possible –
Call Today to schedule your complimentary in home estimate:
(352) 877 -2900
Helping all of us to better prepare for your MOVING DAY! 

  • Ask for an emailed version of your moving estimate to refer to in the instance your paper copy gets misplaced. Always having acces to refer to it in the event of any question when your movers arrive. (If you itemize your taxes, this could be a great way to keep record of moving expenses) *AFFORDABLE MOVING USA keeps detailed records of your moving history and can provide a duplicate via email, upon request.
  • make a list of pertinent items in each box to help with locating items when needed. This helps greatly during the upacking process upon arrival to your new home.
  • pack all medications and immediate need items, such as toiletries,  in a box to keep with you during travel to your new residence. This tip can assist you during travel or after a long day of unpacking…. Your toothbrush and medications are packed together and you know you have them with you.
  • small items and jewlery and tiny family heirlooms should always remain with you during your move. During the move, you’ll be reassured these items werent left behind or packed away, helping to reduce stress during the moving process/
  • For other packing tips and moving questions, feel free to call on the Pros at : AFFORDABLE MOVING USA – 352-877-2900

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