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Movers you can trust!

It’s moving day !

You’ve been prepping for months! Vigorously packing, tiredly organizing, cleaning and getting ready for the big MOVE day!

The morning of the BIG Day is here….. and your movers ARE NOT!?!?!?!?!

Unfortunately we hear this complaint all too often from clients in regards to their past experiences .

REST ASSURED- this is NOT a concern when you hire AM USA!

AFFORDABLE MOVING USA  prides ourselves on our excellent communication with our clients and our team members.

From start to finish – you are matched with a relocation specialist that handles your concerns, answers all your calls, responds to your emails and texts – confirms dates and set reminders when requested.

Courtesy calls are ALWAYS provided to our clients.

As one of our many protocols is contact is made with our client prior to departure from our facility. Providing each client with a definitive estimated time of arrival based on traffic and weather concerns as well as verification of arrival address to reduce any chance of delays.

AM USA is here when you need us!

When selecting AM USA For professional packing or moving services you help to take the stress out of your move day!

Local or Long Distance! Packing and Un-packing!

AM USA is here for YOU!

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